11.22: To investigate the importance of volume of feasible subspaces in mixed-integer optimization, we have written a paper with Prof. Christensen and submitted to ICAPS 2016.

08.04: I have been revisiting fundamental AI concepts and implementing majority of the algorithms (25+) in the Russell & Norvig book. Check out the code.

06.16: One of my colleagues, Jon Scholz, using our Golem Krang platform demonstrated learning capabilities for a challenging planning domain. See the video.

04.21: Our journal paper with Prof. Stilman titled "Autonomous design of functional structures" is to be published next month!

03.13: Successfully presented my thesis proposal titled: "Planning in Constraint Space for Multi-body Manipulation Tasks"

01.24: Our paper with Ana Huaman, Heni Ben Amor and other colleagues on grasping, "Exploiting symmetries and extrusions for grasping household objects", got accepted to ICRA 2015.


11.07: Presented our collaboration with Prof. Stilman in the memorial symposium.

07.15: Busy month. Presented a paper in Morocco for ISER15, travelled back to Turkey, and then to California for RSS15!

05.17: Our paper, "Incorporating Kinodynamic Constraints in Automated Design of Simple Machines", is accepted to IROS 2014.

05.13: Our submission to RSS 2014 workshop CDMR accepted.

05.06: My advisor and dear friend Professor Mike Stilman passed away. Rest in peace…

04.13: "Autonomous Realization of Simple Machines" got accepted to ISER 2014! Watch the video.

01.15: The video submission, "Robots Using Environment Objects as Tools: The ‘MacGyver’ Paradigm for Mobile Manipulation" got accepted to ICRA 2014!


11.07: Krang team gave a demo to Discovery Channel on the MacGyver project.

05.08: Presented my constraint space work in ICRA, Karlsruhe, Germany!

04.10: Passed Ph.D. quals.

01.07: ICRA 2013 paper, "Planning in Constraint Space: Automated Design of Functional Structures", got accepted!


10.09: Our work with ONR on repurposing tools creatively has been publicized with Golem Krang.

08.20: I will be TA'ing Robot Intelligence - Planning given by Mike Stilman this fall:

05.28: Frank Dellaert is presenting our planar segmentation paper in CRV 2012, Toronto. Here is the link to the slides.

05.15: Started working with Mike Stilman officially.

03.16: CRV paper accepted!

02.12: Submitted "Planar Segmentation of RGBD Images using Fast Linear Fitting and MCMC" to CRV 2012.

01.22: Created this website.

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