Possible Mini Projects
  • Lower-stretch spanning trees - The implementation of Elkin et al.'s paper on finding spanning trees with low stretch that I started for the Grad Vision class.
  • EM implementation for Mixture of Gaussians - A simple implementation to understand this subject better following the Simon Prince's book.
  • Approximating the Frechet Distance for Realistic Curves in Near Linear Time - Frechet distance is a similarity metric for curves that can be used for real time shape matching and etc. In my undergraduate research, although I attempted to use this distance metric, because of timing issues, I had to go with the Hausdorff metric which was not nearly as good.
  • Speech recognition - The simplest approach?
  • Cartoon rendition with bilateral filters - rotoscoping - Would it possible to have an output similar to "A Scanner Darkly"? I believe there is a set of SIGGRAPH papers focused on this.
  • Learn CMake/Git with a LOT of examples - It would be nice to also write a tutorial on this for future reference and other people.
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Image Visualization for the Blind
  • Automatic moving chess set
  • Attempt to find a dominant strategy for chess - Russell and Norvig point to that possiblity in Section 5.4.4.
  • Pipe and analyze make error
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